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Cancellation & Refund Policy

ORDER CANCELLATION BY BSFT: Due to unavoidable circumstances there may be times when certain orders having been validly placed may not be processed or capable of being dispatched. BSFT reserves the exclusive right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. Some situations that may result in your order being cancelled shall include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department or any defect regarding the quality of the product. We may also require additional verification or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after your credit card/ debit card/ any other mode of payment has been charged, the said amount will be reversed into your Account/ as the case may be to the source of the payment within a period of 30 working days.

REFUNDS & RETURNS: BSFT shall make all endeavors to deliver defect free products to the purchasers. BSFT does not take title to any returned items purchased by the user unless the item is received by BSFT. Any item purchased on our website does not qualify for any return unless the product delivered is damaged or has manufacturing defects. The defective and/or damaged goods so received shall be communicated to BSFT within 48 hours of its receipt. Any communication received after 48 hours of delivery shall not qualify for return unless expressly covered by the product warranty even in case the said product has been wrongly delivered. BSFT holds the sole discretion to determine whether a refund can be issued. For further information please read our Shipping & Returns Policy.

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